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Interior Space Design

Feel confident in choosing your furniture from

Our company can provide you with interior design solutions in order for you to see how furniture will look in your home before buying, as well as to understand how furniture fits in with your environment.

For us every home has its own unique characteristics, for that reason we design and manufacture customized furniture to meet customer's individually needs and provide you with cost effective and high quality furniture solutions.

With our guidance through the design process and aiming to provide you with stylish solutions that reflects your unique style, we help you to choose fabric and upholstery color combinations, as well as elegant design accessories that will create the atmosphere you desire.

Our experienced staff will undertake to implement and present you a complete interior design solution for your space, based on your preferences.

Our 3D interior design application, allows you to explore how the items you order will look like in your space, where the furniture and colors of your choice will presented in one or more suggested combinations.

Our philosophy:

-  Service consistency

- Guaranteed and quality construction

After sales service

Guaranteed quality of services

Satisfactory outcome

The basic steps we follow to complete the above process are:

What we need is the floor plan of your space in order to suggest you possible interior design scenarios where they come with the ability to customize the dimensions even when it comes to specific constructions

We perform an on-site study of your interior space, measuring the exact dimensions and noting any specificity of the room.

With the help of a 3D interior design software, we arrange in your space the furniture in the color of your choice, determining the ideal distance between them. Any possible change is acceptable.

Once we conclude to the final design we inform you about the duration of construction of your order.

* The 3D interior design study is free of charge

* For deliveries in Attica, transportation and delivery of furniture is free of charge.