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Sofa - Our Company

Furniture Factory 

SOFA is a furniture manufacturing company and is specialized in the field of Greek furniture since 1987. We own one of the most modern furniture-production facilities in Greece in the area of Peristeri, Attica (16 Empedokleous street). Our company manufactures quality, modern and durable furniture. Every piece of furniture is unique and is made by our experienced manufacturers with great love, passion and affection

In September 2010, our company while trying to come closer to the final consumer and establish its presence by excluding intermediate distribution networks, launched the first retail store based in Ilion, Attica at 410-412 Thivon Street. In a 600 square meters area, our customers may find a great variety of products, designs, fabrics and colors and customize any furniture according to their own needs. The extended experience of our human resources is the key for providing the best, cost-effective, high quality furniture suggestions to our customers. In this way, our company has managed to provide all its customers products and services of highest standards in retail prices. 

Finally, our customers’ loyalty to our products and the consolidation of the company’s position in the furniture industry, has succeeded due to the fact that we provide quality handmade furniture and high quality of services to our customers during and after the furniture purchase.

More than 30,000 people are enjoying the quality of our furniture!

  • Greek furniture that are manufactured in our factory
  • Ability to customize the size of any furniture and adjust it according to your preferences.
  • With fabrics of your choice
  • Furniture painting according to the color of your choice 
  • We offer you 15 years warranty
  • We offer you evidence-based product quality